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    My Green Life Campaign

    Supplement's Empty Bottle Exchange RM5 Voucher

          Now you may exhange a RM5 Voucher in any outlet of My  Pharmacy with a supplement empty
     bottle . 

     1 supplement empty bottle may exchange with 1 RM5 Voucher.

     This Voucher can be use with the selected brand product as below mention.
     1. Blackmores
     2. Surbex
     3. Centrum & Caltrate
     4. Bio-Life
     5. Natural Factor
     6. The Prime
     7. Kordel's
     8. Gold Life
     9. Eurobio
     10. Safwa
     11. Thomson
     12. Nuvanta

     Purchase With Purchase:
     With purchase of RM30 and above you are entitle to purchase the mention items.

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