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    Membership Program Details

    How to become a My Pharmacy member?
    At this point of time, the quickest way is to fill up the form which can be found in all our pharmacies. My Pharmacy membership program is called as ‘My Card.'

    In the coming months (please set your date or duration here), we will be launching our online membership registration which will further ease the process of registration for all members.

    Plus, it is entirely free!
    What are the benefits being My Pharmacy member?
    As a member, you will be given top priority on all the latest promotion where you will receive the information through our monthly email newsletter. Apart from that, there are also special discounts given to the members for all their purchases.
    RM 1 spend at My Pharmacy = 1 My Card point will be awarded

    *Note: My Card points will automatically expire after two years (from the year the points have been collected).
    What can I do with the points?
    Points collected in your My Card can be used to offset purchases done in all My Pharmacy stores. The redemption values are as below:
    My Card Point Redemption Value (RM)
    1000 RM 5.00
    2000 RM 12.00
    5000 RM 35.00
    10000 RM 80.00
    *Note: Points collected cannot be exchanged for cash and can only strictly be used to offset the purchases through redemption method.
    **Note: Kindly present your Identification Card when you are applying for redemption. You are also required to fill up My Card point acknowledgment form to complete the redemption process.
    **Note: Member points will be expired every 24 months from the date of collection.
    Terms and Conditions
    • Anyone can apply for My Card membership, and the privilege card is only valid for usage in all My Pharmacy outlets in Malaysia.
    • My Card is a privilege card, and at no instances, the card shall be considered or used as a credit card or charge card.
    • My Card membership is FREE for life to all My Pharmacy customers.
    • My Pharmacy Sdn Bhd reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions as it deems fit at its absolute discretion and without prior notice.
    • Failure to observe the terms and conditions stated herein may result in termination of the membership.
    • My Pharmacy Sdn Bhd also reserves the right to terminate the privileges and withdraw the cards from use at any time without prior notice
    Usage of My Card
    • My Card must be presented to the cashier BEFORE each purchase to accumulate My Card points.
    • Failure to produce My Card before payment is done will lead to inability to collect any My Card points.
    • There shall be no accumulation of My Card point for backdated receipts or any special purchases.
    Loss of Card/Replacement of Card
    There will be a nominal fee of RM 2.00 imposed for all replacement of My Card.
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